No globe-curve = No globe!

On a globe you're technically always standing on the very TOP of the ball, when at sea. And therefore you should be looking DOWN a curve to a horizon, which is clearly below eye-level, even from 6 feet above the water surface! From 6 feet above sea level the horizon should be 6 feet below your feet in only 3 miles, and that means, that you would have to look DOWN to see the horizon and NOT see it straight ahead at eye-level!

And as you elevate your observation height, the horizon should stay in place, so you would have to look downwards more and more the heigher you got. But reality clearly shows us, that this is NOT the case, because no matter the height the horizon is observed from, it's always at eye-level! From sea level to 120.000 feet up the horizon NEVER EVER indicates a ball-shape, but clearly shows us a relatively flat surface, no matter where in this world it is tested (by honest people)!

No globe-curve = No globe!

The globe-curve is almost always illustrated with a man, standing slightly down the side of the globe looking UP a curve into a bulge of water, but it should be illustrated with the man standing at the very TOP of the ball looking DOWN a curve!

The ONLY reason why they illustrate it like that, is because they want people to have that picture in their minds, so they will expect to look UP into a bulge of water instead of, what would really be the case, that you would be looking DOWN a curve to a horizon, which would be much lower than eye-level! It's a visual trick - that's all it is!


The theoretical Flat Earth map and the UN logo.

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  • That the surface of this stationary world is relatively flat!
  • That the Sun, Moon and stars (including the "wandering" stars, which most know as: "planets") are much smaller and much closer than we've been told!
  • That 6 months apart, and allegedly looking i 2 exact opposite directions, we still see the exact same combinations of stars (star constellations), and that fact alone both reveals and disproves the globe LIE!
  • That I can prove it all, except to others, that God and Jesus is real - you'll have to live the truth to find that out for yourself! If you're sincerely trying to do, what Jesus told the Disciples to do, then you're living the truth!


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